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Contemporary Photography from Los Angeles
Walead Beshty, Miles Coolidge, Andrew Freeman, Yanai Toister, James Welling

10thMarch – 15th  April 2006






Sprovieri is pleased to present "Studio City", Contemporary Photography from Los Angeles, curated by Efrat Shalem, featuring works by Los Angeles based artists: Walead Beshty, Miles Coolidge, Andrew Freeman, Yanai Toister and James Welling. 



Los Angeles is a guardian of images for the whole world. From here, images preserved on celluloid or as digital files reach out to the four corners of the earth, building a visual space and simultaneously moulding the city’s utopian-dystopian self-image. Los Angeles is a futuristic, idyllic megalopolis of utopian architecture. At the same time, it is anarchistic, chaotic, arid and primitive. LA is a crystal- ball of visual and verbal clichés, of new age and dark age rolled into one.


The exhibition, entitled "Studio City", endeavours to define the relations between Photography and Architecture. It discusses modernism and the contradiction between the images of the city of Los Angeles as opposed to the images it distributes to the world.