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Felix Curto

New Work

20 january – 25 february 2005

Sprovieri is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in the UK of works by Spanish artist Felix Curto.




“Felix Curto is a cowboy who moves to new pastures and lives in his own country. His boundaries widen with his steps and his herd is made up of his own works of art and of the materials they are made of (landscapes, found objects, light). He is also a gold digger. In the river of his life which has turned into a wandering one, he goes capturing with a camera or a video camera, or even with his own hands, those golden visions that take him towards his inner self. The poetic gold. In the same way, when Felix goes to the city, he turns into a wanderer: one of those who look into the rubbish. He is a gatherer of useless objects that he polishes until he brings out a new and unexpected splendour. Curto is an artist whose main experiences are made of some rock music (to make it simple something in between Chet Baker and Jim White), of epic cinema, of new and old centaurs of the desert, of some beatliterature and of the road. Curto’ s origin is in the old Castilla, but he gradually moved to the heart of Mexico. In his work, Mexico appears both real and dreamlike, and the boundary between present and past twists in an endless spiral.”


Abel H. Pozuelo

El Cultural

February 23rd, 2005 




Felix Curto (1967) was born in Salamanca. He lives and works in Mexico and Spain. He has exhibited internationally and recent shows include Galeria OMR (Mexico), Galeria La Caja Negra (Madrid), Galeria la Fabrica (Vienna), White Box gallery (New York).