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Mario Dellavedova
Domestic lights, domestic flights, domestic delights
16 September - 5 November 2004

27 Heddon Street London W1B 4BJ

Sprovieri is pleased to present Domestic lights, domestic flights, domestic delights, the first solo exhibition in the UK by Italian artist Mario Dellavedova.

The title itself provides an introduction to the exhibition, which is realised through objects that appear in the domestic sphere. As for example a painting that takes the form of an Afghan carpet “tappeto afgano”, (the use of the Afghan carpet is not a reference to Afghanistan today but to the beauty of the designs and patterns; however anyone can draw their own conclusion).
.“… Luce dell’anima, luce dello spirito…” (... light of the soul, light of the spirits…) is an artistic chandelier that gives out liquors. A soft pastel “ovidian victim” (Eriko), in the style of the postimpressionists, references the snapshot. On one wall gold leaf and bank notes, spell the word “fART”. “Returnable” is a collection of precious silver spoons that are suspended in their function. A tile alludes to the warmth of “home sweet home”.

This unusual and unsettling juxtaposition of familiar and quotidian elements, creates an atmosphere of intimacy, and mystical nuances, where feelings and emotions envelope the viewer.