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Mario Dellavedova
Still Lifes Off, with the participation of Carlo Benvenuto

6 June - 26 July, 2014

23 Heddon Street London W1B 4BQ

Sprovieri is delighted to present ‘Still Lifes Off’, the third solo show at the gallery of Italian artist Mario Dellavedova with the participation of Carlo Benvenuto.

'The necessity of giving shape to the sense of the artworks is where the idea of this exhibition comes from. The exhibits evoke specific traits of the geographical exhibition place: hunting targets, camouflage, nature. In art nature is always hanging in the balance between such points of views as ‘still life’ and ‘silent life’ ('natura morta' and ‘vita silente').

Explaining art to a dead hare, getting rid of the spectacularization of the contemporary propaganda. Reducing the carnival theatrical monumentality in order to bring it closer, intoned, to a human scale. Considering the neutrality of the display rather than aiming to the spectacle. Domestic photographs, analogies of thematic paintings which comply with the real dimension of the object represented, integrate between metallic forms and reproductions.

Not only matrixes and citations but also pictorial surfaces somewhere allegorical sculptures wiped out from the narcissistic contemporary condition; and yet maintaining the great sense of mystery…'
(Mario Dellavedova, 2014)

Mario Dellavedova (Legnano, Italy, 1958) lives in Taxco, Mexico. Carlo Benvenuto (Stresa, Italy, 1966) lives in Milan. Dellavedova and Benvenuto’s work have been exhibited internationally.

installation view sprovieri, london 2014

installation view
sprovieri, london 2014

Mario Dellavedova Serie intermezzi, 1881 - 2014

Mario Dellavedova
Serie intermezzi, 1881 - 2014
Max Klinger etching, sheep fur, foam and perspex
120 x 121 cm