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Randy Moore

Very randy

25 April – 19 June 2002

Sprovieri is pleased to present Randy Moore’s first solo exhibition in the UK.

Comprised of paintings, sculpture, and mixed media assemblage, Moore’s work is inspired by Playboy magazine and the impact it had, at various levels, on the behaviours and the attitudes connected to the erotic imaginary. He reflects on the concepts of masculinity and femininity, sexual identity, consumption linked to sexual pleasure and consumerism in general, putting himself at the same time, in the position of the viewer and the observed.


In “oral pleasure”, Moore uses pieces of chewed gum to reproduce the magazine’s double meaning product headings (e.g. “slinky pink”, “go topless”, “nice axe”, etc.). Isolated from their specific context, those expressions open to new interpretations and form a new lexicon, charged of a pre-performed objective and metaphorical “rumination”.


“Untitled White July 1999-June 2000” are twelve blank vertically-oriented centrefold-sized paintings where the image of the woman is absent, only her signature remains inscribed in the artist’s semen. The subject becomes the viewing male instead of the objectified female, desire is mass-produced and predictable rather than individualized and creative.


Randy Moore was born in California in 1964. He lives and works in New York.