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Chelpa Ferro

Hip Hop is the sixth album by Chelpa Ferro, a multimedia trio from Rio de Janeiro formed by the artists: Sergio Mekler, Barrão and Luiz Zerbini. Featuring as special guests brazilian poets and writers such as Fausto Fawcett, Ivana Vollaro, Cabelo, Tantão, Chacal and Waly Salomão, the trio’s new release starts from proceedings like collage and editing — inspired by electronic music, funk carioca and rap —, to investigate new possibilities and expand the limits of words and voices sounds.

Musical collages built from a huge sounds database collected by the group from over 26 years on the road, containing excerpts from the trio’s installations, films and documentaries, radio ads, hospital recordings, low quality and high quality audios, among other sounds that were freely interpreted, edited, twisted, chopped and filtered, forming a universe that carrys over Rio de Janeiro's streets heat, metallic drumming, satura ted electronics and digital noise — sounds informations that reflects and reveals other perspectives on the chaotic 21st century sensory experience.

The album features also musical production by Thiago Nassif, mixing by Renato Godoy and design by Lucas Pires.

Formed in 1995, Chelpa Ferro is composed by Luiz Zerbini, Barrão and Sérgio Mekler, artists who have trajectories in many different areas: from painting to cinema, from sculpture to video art. Since then, the trio has developed transdisciplinary works converging visual arts, experimental music, sculpture, video and performance. The group has performed in museums and art galleries in Brazil, Europe and the United States, as well as in Art Bienals in Venice, São Paulo and Havana. In 2011, they were nominated for the Nam June Paik Award for Contemporary Art. In these 26 years old career, Chelpa Ferro always had the sound as an element that binds and condenses the multiplicity of their art istic propositions, guided by the impetus of shuffling senses and expanding the sound presence in the sensitive world.