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Daniele Puppi was born in Pordenone, Italy, in 1970. He studied Fine Arts at the Academies of Venice, Bologna and Rome and graduated in 1996 from the Accademia di Belle Arti of Rome.

Puppi's work primarily consists of sound and video installations entitled 'Fatiche' (Efforts) and colour photographs called 'Frammenti' (Fragments), which are shots of particular moments of the installations and are themselves autonomous works.

The Fatiche installations are generated from a direct encounter with the physical space. For Puppi, the space is not a neutral place that hosts the work of the artist; on the contrary it is the tangible, concrete material from which the work emerges and takes form. Through the understanding of spatial proportions and harmonics, Puppi's work transforms the elements of the architectural surroundings into an expanded multi sensory experience, subverting conventional notions of time and space in the process.

The photographs 'Frammenti' are a moment of visualisation of the spatial experience intrinsic to the 'Fatiche'. In each 'Frammento' the moving element, for instance the artist's body as it moves across a door, escapes definition. Whilst the 'Frammenti' are experienced by the viewer as a contemplative moment, the Fatiche deeply involved him/her with their physicality.

Danielle Puppi's work has been exhibited internationally: Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, Australia (2013), Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Rome, Italy (2010), M.A.R.C.O. Museum, Vigo, Spain (2007), MOCA, Shanghai, China (2006), Melbourne International Arts Festival, Australia (2005), Milton Keynes Gallery, UK (2005) and Art Unlimited, Art Basel, Switzerland (2005).